Public Holiday Announcement Template

Public Holidays Announcement is generally announced their staff by each company or entity on official holiday, but the number of days off and the types of holidays may vary based on the internal policies of the company or entity. For example, international organizations that still have offices in the Kingdom of Cambodia may be required to cut some of Cambodia’s smaller national holidays but replace with their holidays for Cambodian office staff in the official holiday schedule.


The letter also provides clear messages to employees about the holiday period, and it is in the best interest of the company to avoid any conflicts when making plans or missions.

 Required information in this letter:

  1.  Logos and / or company or entity names
  2. Title of letter
  3. The name and number of official annual holidays (may vary from national calendar in reality)
  4. Date of adoption or approval, and person who prepared the letter and / or the approver. This letter is usually issued by the Administration Manager, HR Manager or​sometimes by Chief Executive Officer.
  5. Address and Contact


BIC​ TEMPLATE ADMIN – 0008 – Public Holiday Announcement