Initial Preparation Checklist

The following checklist should be used for the preparation of using BanhJi. Not all information is required.

  Checklist MODULE YOUR INFO þ
A YOU Company Information      
1 Company legal name and address Admin Module o
2 Last month of the fiscal year date (31 December is the default fiscal date) Admin Module o
3 VAT and Company Registration Number if applicable Admin Module o
4 Company’s main currency. It is important to note that you cannot change the main currency that you set during signup stage. Admin Module o
B your Opening Balance Data      
1 Chart of Account (There is a default chart of account. It is designed based on the best practices across industries. Please refer to Chart of Account setup section for more detail): There should be three column of the chart of account, which is for Account’s titles, numbers, and their descriptions. Accounting Module o
2 Financial Statement as of the end of the prior year. If you do not have any financial statements prepared, you need the following information:
*  All Cash balances are broken down by types, such as Cash on hand, Saving, Current, or Fixed Term Deposit Accounting Module o
*  All outstanding (unpaid/ partially paid) customer invoices Customer Module o
*  Any open deposits or prepayment to your suppliers, such as deposit for the purchase of inventory and you have not received that inventories, rental deposit, and the internet or the telephone deposit. Supplier Module o
*  List of inventories for sale with quantity and cost of your purchase. Please refer to inventory section for more grouping instruction. Products/ Service Module o
*  List of fixed assets that you owned, such as land and expense that you have spent to prepare that land for usage, building and its improvement, machinery that you bought, motor vehicles that you owned, furniture and tools, and computers & related equipment. Accounting Module o
*  Any unpaid/ partially paid bill to your suppliers Supplier Module o
*  Any deposit made by your customer and you have not delivered inventories/ products to them Customer Module o
*  Any loans from banks, MFIs or other Accounting Module o
*  Finally, your initial capital that you have invested into this business. Accounting Module o
C IMPORTANT Lists      
1 Customer List: Customer type and numbering scheme and Information to complete the customer list: name, addresses, contact information, payment terms, delivery methods, etc. Customer Module   o
2 Supplier Lists: Suppliers’ type and numbering scheme and Information to complete the vendor list: name, addresses, other contact information, payment terms, delivery methods, etc. Supplier Module   o
3 Products Lists: This is the most important list in trading companies.    
  Setting for Products: Categories of Inventory that you sale, Group of inventory under each category, and Brands of inventories for sale if you are tracking those brand. Products/ Services Module   o
Inventory List: Inventory numbering scheme by categories and Inventories list with its price, costs, quantity on hand at the start date, unit of measure (UOM), its currencies, and Manufacturer’s part numbers from suppliers or customer code (if available) Products/ Services Module o
4 Fixed Asset item Lists: Fixed Asset Group, Name, purchase date, cost, vendor, description, location and warranty information Accounting Module   o
5 Employee Lists: Employee numbering scheme and Information to complete the Employee list: name, addresses, position, contact information, payroll information for tax purpose, etc. Admin Module   o