Two big local fintech associations to officially merge

On Monday, 8 July 2020, two big local finance and technology associations, the Cambodia Fintech Association (CFA) and  Cambodia Association of Fintech & Technology (CAFT) announced their plan of an official merger to become a heavyweight in fintech community.

The news of merger came after CFA & CAFT released an official statement on their platform.

According to the statement, the Cambodia Fintech Association has become a community of 80 fintech companies with exposure abroad including countries such as Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan ROC and Thailand. The statement also mentioned that Fintech has garnered interest in the local scene and we began to see more activists within the community within the past two years.

The new association will be led by the Chairman, Pen Chanda together with Secretary General, Thomas Pokorny, Treasurer, Remi Pell and executive committee’s members Jeremiah Lee and Bernard Teo.

It will also be joined by Andrew Shin, Eddie Lee and Sim Chankiriroth as advisor to the Association.

For more information, please visit www.cambodiafintech.org