Leave Taking Form Template

This template of Leave Form is administrative document for each employee requesting his or her leave on a personal basis principle set by a company or organization. This is a good practice for staff to inform and practice in the company or organization. You can customize this template in any format you like.


  1. For Employees: Employees or employees may request formal leave by informing their supervisor and waiting for a response. Of its superiors.
  2. Head of department: Get advance notice of the number of employees who will be applying for leave, and the number of people who are still working in the future, so that they may be able to manage their workforce or replace them in the absence of the applicant. Vacation rules. In the event of failure to grant leave, the chief shall give instructions to the person proposing the act on the basis of his or her specific cause.
  3. For Administration and Human Resources​ Department: Store information and data for job evaluation purpose

BIC​ TEMPLATE ADMIN – 0001 – Leave Taking Form