Employment Contract Template

The employment contract is a legal and formal document in a company or entity indicating that each employee is allowed to work on a fixed contract that both the employer and the employee on the terms and conditions set forth in the employment contract. The content of the contract can be more or less different depending on the writing of the HR manager. The following contents are an example of what to be included in your employment contract.

Necessary Information for this document:

  1. Scope of work: Describe the scope of future changes related to this position.
  2. Term: Specify the type of contract​ whether it is an Unspecific Duration Contract (UDC) or a Fixed Duration Contract (FDC). For more information, see Article 4 of the Internal Regulations
  3. Working hours: Specify the number of working hours and the number of working days. If working hours change frequently, please notify.
  4. Salary: Generally, employers must specify that the salary is included in the payroll tax. If it is an excluding payroll taxes, specify. During the three-month probation period, the company generally provides 90% of the gross salary, or possibly any amount previously agreed upon.
  5. Discipline: If you already have an internal rule that mentions rules and regulations, you just have to refer to them in this section. But, if no, you can specify some key points here.
  6. annual leaves: This is an additional holiday in addition to Cambodia’s national holidays. For other types of leave such as (1) three-month maternity leave, (2) seven-day medical leave, (3) seven-day family funeral or wedding, etc. Should be included in company internal rules and regulations.
  7. Holiday: At this point, you should indicate what kind of holiday is allowed by your company, day-off exchange, or OT compensation. According to the Cambodia Labor Law, all employees are officially allowed to take public holidays announced by the Royal Government of Cambodia.
  8. termination: Please specify your company contract termination. Please read Cambodia Labor Law for more information.
  1. internal rules and regulations: The company generally requires this document to be read by reference for the employee. Please refer to this documentation for help.
  1. Confidentiality: Please describe the terms and conditions of the Company’s confidential information and prohibitions. 
  1. language: This may or may not be included dependent on individual companies. In this example case, the document is made up of two or more languages, and the official language is specified at this point.
  2. Laws and Jurisdictions: Please indicate the law and judicial sources that must be addressed in the case of a dispute. In general, Cambodian laws and courts are the subjects of justification process and to be referenced and resolved if both sides are Cambodian citizens, however, both sides can choose to have a different law and international court if they are from different nationalities and different countries.

BIC​ TEMPLATE HR – 0003 – Employment Contract