Business Travel Policy

Business Travels are the very common expenses in any company or organization when travel is needed for the missions either inside the country or oversea. Thus, to make sure that the mission staff is equipped with enough budget to be spent on the right target and in the correct way, Business Travel Policy should be in place and be well-explained to all the staff.

In Business Travel Policy, you can specify all procedures, budget limitations, decision-makers, expense guidelines, etc. In this template below, we have a sample for you which mainly includes the following information:

  1. General guidelines
  2. Responsibility
  3. Procedures in requesting and report travel expense
  4. Expense guideline
  5. Non-reimbursable expenses
  6. Expense report preparation and reimbursement

And, 2 appendix forms attached:

  1. Travel Request Form
  2. Vehicle Log Sheet

And one information table about Phnom Penh – Provinces Distance

BIC​ TEMPLATE FINANCE – 0001 – Business Travel Policy

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